Consumer pricelist w.e.f 15th September 2023 (Including GST @18%)

Signature BWPSignature BWPPlatinum BWPPlatinum BWP
ThicknessPrice per Sq.mtrPrice per Sq.ftPrice per Sq.mtrPrice per Sq.ft
04 mm921.1085.57853.0879.25
06 mm1,150.66106.901,004.7093.34
09 mm1,435.49133.361,203.09111.77
12 mm1,860.61172.851,588.54147.57
16 mm2,360.84219.321,938.55180.09
19 mm2,761.87256.582,227.63206.95
25 mm3,634.78337.672,931.92272.37

Classic BWPClassic BWPChampion BWPChampion BWP
ThicknessPrice per Sq.mtrPrice per Sq.ftPrice per Sq.mtrPrice per Sq.ft
04 mm741.1368.85681.6163.32
06 mm864.4180.30828.9977.01
09 mm1,045.8097.15996.2092.55
12 mm1,333.46123.881,238.52115.06
16 mm1,639.55152.311,499.26139.28
19 mm1,847.86171.671,650.89153.37
25 mm2,431.69225.902,173.79201.94

Pride BWPPride BWPPride MRPride MR
ThicknessPrice per Sq.mtrPrice per Sq.ftPrice per Sq.mtrPrice per Sq.ft
04 mm633.4358.85528.5749.10
06 mm770.8971.62588.0854.63
09mm / 08mm926.7686.10772.3071.75
12 mm1,152.08107.03864.4180.30
16mm / 15mm1,394.40129.541,122.32104.26
19mm / 18mm1,536.10142.701,247.02115.85
25 mm2,020.74187.731,730.24160.74

Trojan Block Board BWPTrojan Block Board BWPTrojan Block Board MRTrojan Block Board MR
ThicknessPrice per Sq.mtrPrice per Sq.ftPrice per Sq.mtrPrice per Sq.ft
19 mm1,894.62176.011,860.61172.85
25 mm2,329.66216.422,275.81211.42

If you are planning to buy a new home or renovate your office, you are probably thinking about which plywood to purchase and how much it is going to cost. Picking a suitable plywood for the right price can be challenging. Here are some tips for you pick out the best plywood at the best price.

Trojan Plywood Prices in Different Cities

Trojan plywood is manufactured at the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Mangalore city. Depending on distance from factory and transportation cost, prices of Trojan plywood may vary from state to state. But in general Trojan ply prices tend to be largely uniform.

Also, prices of plywood vary according to their quality and thickness. More robust Boiling Water Proof (BWP) plywood cost a lot more than Moisture Resistant (MR) plywood. Increasingly waterproof plywood is preferred, especially for home interiors.

All these factors contribute significantly to the price of your plywood. Trojan plywood is a single-stop solution to all your home and office plywood needs. Here are our prices in significant regions.

For 19mm sheets, plywood costs between Rs. 107 and Rs. 190 in Bangalore, considering different quality and thickness options.

Similarly, in Chennai offers a wide variety of plywood sheets in various quality and thicknesses for costs between Rs. 107 and Rs. 190.

Trojan Plywood prices range from Rs.107 to Rs.190. These prices are applicable to 19mm plywood sheets.

Why pick Trojan Plywood?

Trojan Plywood is one of the leading plywood manufacturers in India. Trojan has built trust among users by delivering quality products at the right price. At Trojan, you will find all kinds of plywoods. Even our premium range is affordable. We have mastered the art of plywood making for over 40 years. Trojan excels at making all season-proof, structurally balanced calibrated plywood with precision.