Plywood has become an essential element of design. As Steve Jobs said, “Design is not just what it looks like; the design is how it works.” Plywood is an important element that facilitates the realization of the design.

Plywood is a carpenter’s most prestigious tool. It has made working so much easier while reducing so much time. Plywood boards are generally rectangular in shape. They come in many different sizes and thicknesses. One of the most important aspects of a plywood board is its thickness. The length and breadth just determine the maximum size of the board, while its thickness determines the strength and quality of the board. Also, the thickness determines the number of plies that are in the board, again determining its quality.

The 16mm plywood has been one of the most used plywood boards for the past few decades. It can be used for a plethora of purposes. With lamination on both sides, the 16mm plywood becomes about 18mm thick, which is considered perfect for almirah, beds, and other interior decoration purposes. But in recent times, there has been an emergence of a 19mm plywood. Not that it is new, the 19mm plywood board has been in use for a long time, but recently, they have gained popularity. Following are some benefits of using a 19mm plywood board over a 16mm plywood board.

Increased strength

In layman’s terms, the more the thickness of plywood, the more is the amount of wood in it. Therefore, the thickness is directly proportional to the strength of the board. For making high-quality and long-lasting furniture, it is necessary to use a rigid board. Using a 19mm plywood board gives you the perfect toughness. Add to that the laminates or mica sheets, and the thickness increases to about 20mm, which is also suitable with hinges.

More number of plies used

The thickness of the plywood boards is increased by increasing the number of plies used in the board. A 19mm plywood board generally has more plies, or layers compressed to 16 mm plywood strengthening the board and making it more resistant to shocks. In regions prone to earthquakes, the 19mm plywood is often preferred over the regular 16 mm plywood board.

Why Trojan Plywood?

Trojan Plywood has a comprehensive set of plywoods to suit your needs. We manufacture plywoods for specific needs, thus delivering more precision and ease in work. Our 19 mm Trojan classic Plywood is among the highest-selling 19mm plywoods. We use precision machinery and better-quality timber to manufacture the best plywood boards that can withstand significant shocks and last for a long time. We at Trojan Plywood believe that what holds you must be able to hold itself. Thus, quality is our biggest concern and strength.

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