Trojan exemplifies how technology, quality, aesthetics & customer needs blend together to form a product. This has made Trojan a favourite with many reputed builders and architects.

Core Protection Technology

Trojan Core Protection Technology

At Trojan Plywood, we take pride in the care – and quality – we guarantee for our premium product range. This high degree of quality essentially comes from our Trojan Core-Protection Technology honed to near-perfection through a series of three minimal steps best described as: Timber Selection, Glue-Line Treatment and Quad Press technology.

Trojancore protection

Each piece of Trojan Plywood is manufactured by selecting the most premium high density core veneers, extracted from select mature timber species. This key process ensures that the plywood is robust and offers much higher resistance against Borers and other microorganisms.

At Trojan, our plywood manufacturing process involves ply layers being subjected to a resin, or adhesive, specially made with an anti-borer formula and having it evenly applied so as to hold all ply layers firmly together. Needless to say, this active and unique formula used in resin-production ensures an extra layer of protection against borer and other microbes.

With Trojan’s latest advance in technology today, each ply sheet goes
through pressing at four stages. This has led to much better bonding results at both, core-to-core and face-to-core, levels. Clearly, this “Quad-Press” technology is a the definitive upgrade in Trojan’s evolution which ensures that all Trojan Plywood variants are strongly
bonded and well balanced.

Vacuum Pressure Treatment (VPT) is one of the most important stage that any good plywood needs to pass through. It involves treating the plywood with the specific preservatives under vacuum and pressure and curing it for 48 hours. VPT not only enhances the life of plywood but also drastically minimizes the probability of its decay. At Trojan Plywood, VPT is a mandatory process for all plywood manufactured in the Trojan flagship series.


Calibration of plywood surfaces provides for uniform thickness all across the panel. This is achieved by calibrating it in state-of-the-art, high-end, plywood calibrator machines. The singluar advantage granted by ply boards having uniform thickness is that this quality makes them ideal panel products for use by fully mechanized and automated furniture manufacturing units whose numbers are growing by the day. There is also a general growing public awareness of the benefits of using calibrated plywood.

At Trojan, we realized this advantage quite early on, and, as such, have invested significantly in procuring, installing and commissioning calibrator machinery since 2016-17. Today, we bring out plywood sheets as calibrated for all thicknesses above 6 mm.

Calibrated plywood
Calibration 1
Calibration 2

Core Composing

The Core Composer – a key component in ensuring Trojan’s successful quest for product quality – is a fully automated machine which uses latest advances in technology for joining core pieces into full sheets. Cutting the edges of each piece of core veneer, it joins them with glued yarns, resulting in full sheets of core of 8×4, 7×4, 6×4 sq.ft. sizes free of gaps and overlaps. Thus, plywood made of this all-composed core is as defect-free as is possible for processed natural products to be.

Of course, great tensile strength has to be coupled with incredible bonding qualities, and so, Trojan’s in-house resin-manufacturing facility also makes the best synthetic adhesives possible – a key quality which the careful designer seeks to ensure in his choice of plywood.

In-House R&D Facility

The Company’s manufacturing facility also maintains a state-of-the-art laboratory and R&D centre wherein product quality standards are regularly monitored and maintained to ensure better overall compliance in quality expectations. Manned by competent and qualified personnel, this department is the nerve centre from which all updates and upgrades with respect to Trojan quality and standards are recommended and processed.