Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be the company, which best understands and satisfies the needs of interior solutions industry, by providing excellent products and services.
To help customers, employees, partners and shareholders fulfill their true potential and reach greater heights.
To build a sustainable business that values the larger good of the community.

Our Mission

We manufacture and market good quality plywood covering a range of price points, to satisfy the needs of domestic and commercial consumers, through a disciplined, competent and committed team, by ensuring that our products are accessible and available at all municipalities of the markets we operate in.

Core Values

Our organizational team at MAK Plywood Industries Pvt. Ltd. is driven by the following FIVE core values:



    We will consistently conduct our business in a fair, reliable and trustworthy manner to achieve a stable and positive work environment



    We will be caring, compassionate and work collectively with our colleagues, customers and partners, building strong relationship based on patience, understanding and mutual cooperation.



    We will conduct our business with commitment, openness and a sense of ownership.



    We will constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of the goods and services we provide.



    We will be disciplined and responsive to the country, communities and environments in which we work, always ensuring that we give back to society to the best of our abilities.

The Background

The parent company behind the Trojan brand of plywood is MAK Plywood Industries Pvt. Ltd., whose foundation was laid in 1982 with the formation of National Wood Products (NWP) in Kerala. By 1992, NWP had become a multi-national entity by exporting plywood to meet global needs. In 1995, NWP was accredited by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Twelve years later, in 2007, Trojan was launched as NWP’s premium plywood brand. Apart from the building material industry, the MAK group also operates in the construction industry. Known in this field as MAK Realty, the company has successfully completed many commercial and residential projects in Kerala and Karnataka.

Today, Trojan should easily rank among the top five manufacturers of quality plywood in south India.

Company background

The Trojan Storyline

Inception as National Wood Products
Begins Export to Middle East
ISI Accreditation
Four brands born: Cosmo, Nature, Mak Ply and Omega
All brands fused into one - the TROJAN brand
Additional Production Unit set up
FSC Certification
Arrival of Trojan Signature, Troy Gold sub brands
More sub brands : Trojan CLASSIC, Trojan PLATINUM, Trojan GOLD
Warehouses & Sales in East India : Odisha, West Bengal, Jharkand, Bihar
Lower market segment brand : Troy SILVER
NPD brands : Extrema, Troy Club, Trojan Challenger
Strategic Market Positioning with new sub brand - Trojan Champion