Marine Plywood Price: Rs. 1200/- to Rs. 1500/- per sq. ft.

Thin sheets of wood veneer (usually tropical hardwoods like teak, Okoume, or meranti) are glued together with waterproof adhesive to create marine plywood, which is a type of wood panel. It is designed to survive tough outdoor situations, unlike normal plywood, and is appropriate for usage in high-moisture environments like boat building and outdoor cabinets.

marine plywood price

Advantages of Marine Plywood:

Water resistance: : Marine plywood is highly water resistant thanks to the waterproof glue used in its construction, making it perfect for boat construction and other water-based applications.

Durability: This plywood is constructed from premium hardwood, which is renowned for its strength and endurance. This makes it ideal choice for outdoor furniture, cabinetry, and other uses where stability and strength are essential.

Stability: Its construction uses many thin sheets of wood veneer, which helps to lessen the impacts of wood movement brought on by variations in humidity and temperature. Because of this, it is a more stable substance than solid wood, which can twist and affect with time.

Disadvantages of Marine Plywood:

Cost: Due to the high cost of the hardwoods used in its production and the labor-intensive process of producing the product, marine plywood is often more expensive than regular plywood.

Availability: : Some species of hardwood used in marine plywood are becoming increasingly rare, which can affect the availability and cost of the product.

Marine Plywood Price

According to a number of variables, including thickness, quality, brand, and availability, marine plywood costs differ in India. An 8 by 4 feet sheet of 18 mm marine plywood price typically costs between 1200 and 1500 INR. Prices, however, can vary based on the particular type and brand of marine plywood.

Marine plywood is available in India from a number of well-known companies, with Trojan Plywood being among the best. Each company sells a variety of marine plywood products in a range of grades, thicknesses, and costs. Since the strength and durability of marine plywood are necessary for their intended application, picking a brand reputed for these qualities is crucial.

The thickness, grade, and type of marine plywood should always be taken into account while purchasing it in India. Although often more expensive, thicker marine plywood is tougher and more durable. Similar to higher-grade marine plywood, higher-grade marine plywood is typically more expensive but also has higher quality and fewer defects.

The marine plywood price in India can vary widely based on the product’s thickness, quality, brand, and availability. Therefore, when choosing marine plywood, it is essential to consider these factors to ensure that you are getting a durable and cost-effective product.

Laminated Marine Plywood

Laminated Marine Plywood is specifically made for marine areas and other moist environments. This kind of plywood is created by stacking many sheets of wood veneer and glued them together using waterproof adhesive. The plywood is treated to be resistant to deterioration, fungi, and termites, and the veneers are often rotary cut from logs to provide a consistent appearance. Construction of boats, docks, and other structures that are exposed to water and moisture frequently uses laminated marine plywood.

The resistance of laminated marine plywood to rust and decay is one of its main benefits. Laminated marine plywood is coated to withstand these detrimental effects, in contrast to ordinary plywood, which can weaken and deteriorate over time when exposed to water and moisture. This makes it an ideal choice for use in marine environments critical to maintaining the material’s structural integrity.

Laminated marine plywood is not only resistant to rot, but also to fungi and termites. This means that it can be used in regions where these pests are an issue without having to worry about the material being harmed. This is crucial in coastal regions where wood-destroying pests can swiftly proliferate and severely damage buildings.

The consistency and uniform appearance of laminated marine plywood are further benefits. This sort of plywood is often made by rotary cutting veneers from logs, which helps to achieve a uniform appearance. It is therefore a desirable option for usage in high-visibility locations like the inside of boats or other constructions where aesthetics are essential.

In conclusion, marine plywood is a premium, long-lasting material ideal for a variety of uses, such as furniture, outdoor cabinetry, and boat building. Marine plywood has several benefits over other materials, including water resistance, durability, and stability, although being more expensive.