India is a massive country that is developing at a quick pace. With people continuing to move from villages and towns to cities and metropolitans, there has been an exponential rise in the requirement for building and furniture materials.

This increase in demand has given rise to many plywood brands in India. The oldest Indian plywood firm dates back to the British era. Today, we have approximately 250 companies manufacturing plywood in India. Out of these companies, a few like Trojan Plywood have made it to the very pinnacle of the Indian Plywood Industry. Here is a comparison of where Trojan Plywood stands amongst the best plywood brands in India.

Best Plywood Brands in India

The best plywood brands in India are

  • Trojan Plywood
  • Century Ply
  • GreenPly Industries
  • Duro
  • Sharon ply

Trojan Plywood is certainly one of the best plywood brands in India and aims to be the best brand in future. With a focus on delivering the best quality plywood at the best possible price, Trojan Plywood is making big moves into the plywood industry. Best known for the variety of plywood, be it BWP, Eco-friendly, and calibrated plywood, there’s no surprise that Trojan is becoming a common choice in Indian houses.

Some of the most popular variants of Trojan Plywood are Trojan Signature, Trojan Platinum, Trojan Classic and Trojan Champion.

Trojan counts among India’s most respected brands of plywood. A premium brand created by Mak Plywood Industries, Trojan’s plywood range is used in high end cabinetry, fine furniture and exquisite interiors.

Our Process and Aim

These were a few of the best plywood brands in India. In comparison to these brands, Trojan is a relatively new but a focused brand. With our focus not just on sales but on the quality of plywood we produce, Trojan aims to be the best and most reliable plywood brand in India. We thrive on delivering the best plywood for the best prices.

We are focusing on expanding in the entire nation. We are already equipped with the modern technology to develop sleek but strong plywood boards. We believe that if we continue focussing on our processes, we will undoubtedly attain our goal.