The materials you use to build or renovate your house or place of business can have a significant impact. Plywood is one such material that frequently has a significant impact on building projects. Although plywood is inexpensive, strong, and adaptable, not all plywood is made equally. Trojan Plywood is setting new standards in the industry with its innovative VACUUM PRESSURE TREATMENT (VPT) technology, making its plywood an exceptional choice for your projects.


VPT stands for Vacuum Pressure Treatment, and it’s a crucial step in the manufacturing process of Trojan Plywood. With the help of this technology, plywood will be more durable and long-lasting, able to withstand damage throughout time.

Selecting Premium High-Density Cores

Trojan Plywood begins its journey to perfection by hand-picking the finest veneers with a high density that are taken from mature wood species. Their plywood is incredibly durable and provides outstanding resistance against wood-boring termites and other hazardous germs thanks to this painstaking technique. In other words, Trojan Plywood starts with the very best foundation.

Glue Line Treatment for Extra Protection

Trojan employs a unique adhesive with an anti-borer composition to further strengthen their plywood. To securely hold all of the plies together, apply this glue evenly. Because of its special formula, Trojan Plywood offers an additional layer of defense against borers and other germs, making it a wise choice for anyone seeking high-quality craftsmanship.

Quad Press Technology for Stronger Bonding

Trojan Plywood is committed to quality and uses the latest “Quad-Press” technology to achieve it. This innovation results in superior bonding between face-to-core and core-to-core layers by pressing each ply sheet through four steps. This major improvement, known as “Quad-Press” technology, guarantees that all Trojan Plywood variations are well-balanced and tightly bonded. Your projects can benefit from the strength and stability that this technology provides.

The Significance of Vacuum Pressure Treatment (VPT)

A crucial phase in Trojan Plywood’s production process is VPT. This stage involves treating the core veneer under vacuum and pressure with a particular set of preservatives and then curing it for 48 hours. The plywood’s lifespan is greatly increased and the likelihood of degradation is greatly decreased by this treatment. It is so essential to their manufacturing process, in fact, that all plywood produced under the Trojan Flagship series must undergo it.

In summary, the VACUUM PRESSURE TREATMENT (VPT) technique developed by Trojan Plywood is revolutionary in the plywood industry.

Trojan Plywood is raising the standard with its revolutionary glue line treatment, use of premium high-density cores, and Quad Press technology. For your building and restoration projects, the VPT stage in particular guarantees that the plywood is not only strong but also resistant to deterioration, making it an economical and environmentally friendly option. Trojan Plywood’s VPT series should therefore be at the top of your list if you’re thinking about using plywood for your next project.