Plywood is a type of composite wood. It is made from wood veneers scraped from hardwood and other logs.  To ensure strength and durability throughout manufacture, the wood veneers are heated and pressed. In comparison to solid wood, plywood has benefits such as a more durable surface and resistance to expansion even when exposed to moisture. Furthermore, plywood is less prone to cracking shrinking, breaking, and warping.

There are various kinds of plywood, and the amount of plies affects the thickness. While 5-ply and multi-ply plywood is stronger possibilities, 3-ply plywood is the most used type.

We will look at different types of plywood used for interiors, furniture, and cabinets.

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Types Of Plywood Used In Interior

Here we have some of the best types of plywood used in Interior:

  1. Softwood Plywood

Softwood plywood is made from the veneers of softwood trees such as redwood, cedar, or pine. Despite being considered “softwood,” this kind of plywood is widely used for large-scale woodworking projects because of its durability and strength. It is frequently used as frame sheathing and roof sheathing for exterior housing construction.

  • Hardwood Plywood

Hardwood plywood is made of wood veneers from hardwood species like walnut, eucalyptus, oak, maple, and birch. Hardwood plywood, which has numerous layers, provides outstanding strength and stability, making it appropriate for projects that call for a strong foundation. It is frequently employed in the manufacture of furniture for homes, sports equipment, wood casings, and musical instruments.

  • Aircraft Plywood

Plywood used in aircraft is recognized for its exceptional strength and fine craftsmanship. It is often constructed from heat- and moisture-resistant hardwoods like mahogany and birch. Thinner wood veneers are used in the construction of aircraft plywood to ensure its light weight. This type of plywood is frequently used in industrial-strength applications including boat construction, furniture made to support huge loads, and structures that require exceptionally strong plywood.

  • Decorative Veneer Plywood

This plywood resembles a combination between strong plywood and attractive wood veneers. It gives beautiful appearances to the walls and furniture. From a distance, the veneers can make common wood appear to be exclusive wood. It’s an excellent choice for adding elegance to your house.

  • Marine Plywood

In the presence of water, this plywood is like a superhero. It is highly durable and can withstand being wet without breaking. It is employed in the construction of boats and occasionally in wet areas such as bathrooms. Making outdoor furniture that can resist various weather conditions using marine plywood is a great alternative.

  • Fire-Rated Plywood

This plywood acts like a brave firefighter. It is designed to prevent the spread of fire. Buildings employ it to increase their fire safety. It’s like having a flame-retardant shield. It can be quite important to use fire-rated plywood when making fire-resistant walls and doors.

Types Of Plywood For Furniture

Here we have some of the best types of plywood used for furniture:

  1. Exterior Plywood

Produced with water-resistant glue specifically for outside usage, this plywood offers an excellent framework for outdoor woodworking projects. Exterior plywood of the highest grade can endure various weather conditions for extended durations.

  • Lumber Core Plywood

This type of plywood is strong and stable because it has a solid wood core with thin wood veneers attached to each side. It is perfect for furniture manufacturing because the outside surface is made of hardwoods like birch, maple, or oak.

  • Tropical Plywood

Made from wood obtained from Asian nations like Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, tropical plywood is similar to softwood plywood in construction. It is well-liked for export to the United Kingdom and the United States due to its evenness, strength, and density.

  • Boiling Water Proof Plywood(BWP)

This plywood fights water like a warrior. It can manage heat and water with ease. It is utilised in areas with hot water or in kitchens where items may get wet but still need to be durable. Cabinets and countertops for kitchens must be made of BWP plywood.

  • . BWR (boiling water resistant) plywood

It’s like having a waterproof friend in this plywood. Although it does not enjoy water as much as BWP plywood, it is still not readily harmed. It works well in locations that occasionally might get a little damp. Vanities and furniture for bathrooms can be made with BWR plywood.

  • Flexi Ply

Think of plywood That is really flexible. That’s Flexi plywood! It resembles the plywood yoga master. When you need to create curved shapes or when traditional plywood simply won’t bend the way you want, this material is used. Flexi plywood is an innovative material for making unique furniture and decorative elements.

Types Of Plywood For Cabinets

Here we have some of the best types of plywood used for cabinets:

  1. BWP/ Marine Plywood

Boiling Water Proof or Marine grade plywood, also known as BWP/Marine plywood, is a highly durable plywood created especially for applications requiring water resistance. It is made using waterproof adhesives, making it appropriate for use in wet situations like bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor projects. BWP/Marine plywood is subjected to thorough quality inspections and is free from defects like knotholes, ensuring durable performance and protection against water damage.

  • Moisture Resistant Plywood

MR plywood, often known as moisture-resistant plywood, has some moisture resistance but is not entirely waterproof. Moisture Resistant plywood is bonded with Urea Formaldehye (UF). In interior applications where there is a lot of humidity, like in hot, humid tropical regions, MR plywood is often used. It is preferred because it can survive brief exposure to moisture, making it appropriate for cabinets and furniture in both domestic and commercial environments.

Plywood Grades for Cabinets:

A GradeThis type of plywood is the best available, and it has a perfectly smooth appearance. It is frequently used for visible surfaces in cabinets and is free from noticeable defects.
B GradePossible minor flaws in B grade plywood include knots and patches. For cabinet interiors and less noticeable regions, it’s a good option.
C GradeC grade plywood is excellent for structural elements of cabinets that won’t be apparent in the finished product because it has more noticeable defects.
D GradeD grade plywood contains noticeable defects and is often utilised for structural applications where appearances are unimportant.


Plywood remains to be a common and reliable material for making furniture Because of its durability and versatility. When choosing the appropriate sort of plywood, it is essential to take your specific requirements and purpose into account. Choosing the best plywood will assure the durability and satisfaction of your furniture investments.

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