Plywood is a type of composite wood. It is made from wood veneers scraped from hardwood and other logs. Typically, these wood veneers are bonded, but higher-grade plywood is pressed and heated in complicated methods. Therefore, we should determine the optimal angle before blending the wood veneers.

Plywood is used over timber because its surfaces are more sturdy, and it does not expand even when wet against the board’s grain. Aside from that, the techniques used to manufacture plywood make it resistant to cracking, shrinking, breaking, and warping.

There are wide varieties of plywood, but the number of plies determines the thickness of each. 3-ply plywood is the most popular kind. The tougher ones are 5-ply or multi-ply.

We will look at different types of plywood used for interiors, furniture, and cabinets.

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Types Of Plywood Used In Interior

Here we have some of the best types of plywood used in Interior:

  1. Softwood Plywood

The name implies that this plywood was constructed from softwoods such as redwood, cedar, or pinewood. It might surprise you that softwood plywood is used for heavy woodwork even though it is often pitted against the stronger hardwoods. Roof sheathing is placed down as home subfloors, as is frame sheathing for home exteriors.

  • Hardwood Plywood

On the other hand, this plywood comprises wood veneers from walnut, eucalyptus, oak, maple, and birch. Hardwood plywood is often comprised of seven or more layers, making it exceptionally strong. It is imperative to glue veneers at the right depth and angle to support large woodwork projects. Hardwood plywood is utilized for projects requiring a solid structure, such as musical instruments, wood casings, sports equipment, and home furniture.

  • Aircraft Plywood

It is one of the most durable and high-quality plywoods available. It is composed of hardwoods resistant to dampness and excessive heat, such as birch and mahogany. Moreover, aircraft plywood comprises thinner wood veneers to make it lightweight and workable. With these characteristics, aircraft plywood is commonly used for rafters and boats, furniture designed to handle greater loads, and structures requiring industrial-strength plywood.

Types Of Plywood For Furniture

Here we have some of the best types of plywood used for furniture:

  1. Exterior Plywood

This plywood is used for outside woodwork. It is made and attached with water-resistant adhesive. Exterior plywood of high grade will give robust wood frameworks for decades. This wood is classified as multi-ply. Weather conditions might vary depending on location.

  • Lumber Core Plywood

This one is made of a 3-ply material. It is typically constructed by putting down a solid wood core and bonding two thin wood veneers on each of its four edges. Lumber core plywood’s exterior surface is made of hardwoods such as birch, maple, and oak.

  • Tropical Plywood

The Asian equivalent of softwood plywood resembles softwood plywood. It is manufactured with tropical wood from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. It is widely exported in the United Kingdom and the United States. It is admired for its a-grade density, layer evenness, and outstanding strength.

Types Of Plywood For Cabinets

Here we have some of the best types of plywood used for cabinets:

  1. BWP/ Marine Plywood

This is the most preferred plywood type for home interiors. As the most common but highest-quality made plywood, this refers to the grade of the plywood. It is marine-grade and uses waterproof adhesives. The absence of knotholes distinguishes it as a plywood variety.

  • Moisture Resistant Plywood

Moisture Resistant plywood is bonded with Urea Formaldehye (UF). MR plywood means that it is only moisture resistant and waterproof. Thanks to its moisture-resistant property, MR grade plywood is the most preferred kind of plywood especially in hot and humid conditions of tropical areas.


Plywood is a common choice as a dependable construction material for furniture. Depending on your demands and intended use, you should select the appropriate type of plywood. Always use high-quality plywood that will last a long time.

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