Plywood is used to make cabinets, tables, panels, flooring, and cabinets because it is adaptable and versatile. Plywood is classified into numerous categories based on its intended use. Other versions are specially built for outdoor, industrial, and marine use and even as fire resistant for households and businesses.

What Can Plywood Offer You?

Plywood, like wood, not only saves money but also adds solidity and strength to your furniture. Even though it is not genuine wood, it nevertheless has numerous advantages. The following are some of the benefits of plywood:

  1. Strength

The most significant benefit of plywood is that it is reasonably sturdy compared to natural wood. You can probably attest to this if you have plywood furniture. The alternating grain pattern in plywood makes it stronger. This grain also guarantees that the strength is distributed uniformly over the whole piece of plywood. Furthermore, the fact that it is made of hardwood and put together with stronger phenolic adhesives adds to its strength.

  • Attractiveness

Plywood obtains an excellent market value because of its stylish and appealing nature. The smoothness has given the furnishings and flooring a lovely appearance. Furthermore, its aesthetic attractiveness is enhanced by the fact that it is made of a sturdy and high-quality veneer.

  • Durability

Nobody wants to replace their furniture because it is worn out. Solid timbers are less resistant to accidents. Plywood, on the other hand, can survive falls or even collisions with other heavy items due to its uniformly distributed strength. Plywood saves you time and money since it may last for a long time before it wears out.

  • Availability of Large sizes

If you go out into the market looking for 8 x 4 size solid flat wood, you will surely come out short of it. This is because solid woods come in tiny and restricted sizes. However, with the invention of plywood, humans could overcome this constraint.

Plywood is available in bigger sizes, allowing it to be used in various building applications. Plywood sizes of 2400mm in length and 1200mm in breadth is the most commonly available plywood.

  • Lighter in weight than solid wood

Despite its increased size, plywood is relatively light and portable. Consequently, it is increasingly used to manufacture furniture components like kitchen cabinets and cupboards.

Trojan Plywood: India’s Leading Plywood Supplier

Trojan Plywood is one of the major plywood manufacturers in India. Trojan has grown in reputation by offering competitively priced, high-quality goods.

Trojan has a wide variety of plywood. We have perfected the technology of making plywood for over four decades. Trojan specializes in developing accurate weather-resistant and structurally balanced plywood.


Plywood is a versatile material that offers strength, durability, and a variety of additional advantages. Trojan Plywood is one of India’s best plywood suppliers and manufacturers, specializing in Boiling waterproof and Moisture Resistant plywood that are resistant to Borer and Termite.

All these aspects lead to the present popularity of plywood. Quality ply