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Plywood is used to make cabinets, tables, panels, flooring, and cabinets because it is adaptable and versatile. Depending on what it will be used for, plywood is divided into a variety of categories. For outdoor, industrial, and marine use, as well as fire resistance for homes and businesses, several variants are designed specifically.

What Can Plywood Offer You?

Plywood, like wood, offers strength and solidity to your furniture while also saving you money. Although it is not real wood, it nevertheless has a lot of benefits. The advantages of plywood include the following:

  1. Strength

The fact that plywood is rather durable in comparison to genuine wood is its main advantage. If you own plywood furniture, you can probably stand by this. Plywood’s alternating grain pattern increases its strength. Additionally, this grain makes sure that the strength is distributed evenly throughout the entire plywood piece. Its strength is further increased by the fact that it is constructed from hardwood and joined using stronger phenolic adhesives.

  • Attractiveness

Due to its fashionable and appealing features, plywood has a high market value. The flooring and furniture look great because of the smoothness. Furthermore, the fact that it is composed of a strong, premium veneer adds to its aesthetic beauty.

  • Durability

Nobody wants to buy new furniture because their old pieces are worn out. Solid timbers are less accident-resistant. On the other hand, plywood’s well-distributed strength allows it to withstand falls and even collisions with other heavy objects. Plywood may last for a very long period before wearing out, saving you time and money.

  • Availability of Large sizes

You will undoubtedly find it difficult to find solid flat wood that is 8 x 4 in size if you go looking for it. This is due to the small and constrained sizes of solid wood. The invention of plywood, however, allowed people to get around this limitation.

Due to its larger size range, plywood can be employed in a variety of construction-related applications. The most often used plywood has dimensions of 2400mm in length and 1200mm in breadth.

  • Lighter in weight than solid wood

Despite its larger size, plywood is still rather portable and light. As a result, it is increasingly employed in the production of furniture parts like kitchen cabinets and cupboards.

Trojan Plywood: India’s Leading Plywood Supplier

One of India’s largest manufacturers of plywood is Trojan Plywood. Trojan has improved its name by supplying products of high quality at low prices.

Plywood comes in a variety at Trojan. Since more than 40 years ago, we have improved plywood manufacturing technology. Trojan is an expert in creating precise, weatherproof, and structurally sound plywood.


Plywood is a multipurpose material that provides strength, durability, and a number of other benefits. Trojan Plywood is among the best plywood suppliers and producers in India, specializing in waterproof and moisture-resistant plywood that is also termite- and borer-resistant.

All these aspects lead to the present popularity of plywood. Quality ply