Plywood continues to be popular in homes because of its exceptional all-around usefulness – it saves money, is strong, and, most importantly, has a unique look. It is a great option for interior design and home décor because it can be molded into any imaginative pattern or shape.

What design improvement tool could be better than plywood for your house? Don’t worry if you’re still unsure of how to use plywood in your home design and give it depth. We have your back.

We’ll look at 7 fantastic plywood design furniture ideas to help you give your home the fashionable, contemporary feel you want.

Folding Dressing Area

Each of us has a functional closet to store our clothing and accessories, but what if we could add some color to our rooms by adding a dressing area? Using strong, waterproof plywood, you can easily create a foldable dressing area and place it wherever you like in your room.

It takes up less room because of its folding form. It may also be a great addition to a guest room, giving any house a classy feel. A modest space appears more prominent thanks to the plywood design furniture’s light and natural color palette.

Elegant Coffee Table

Anyone looking for style should have a wooden coffee table. It is fashionable and lends the living area the necessary elegance. The natural texture and pattern of the wood would make a beautiful focal point on a tabletop.

Multi-Stack Minimalist Bookcase

It makes sense to have an equally beautiful bookshelf to house your temple of information if you enjoy reading and collecting books. Using plywood that is resistant to dampness, termites, borer, and other pests, you can build a full bookcase. Make sure the parts are different-sized to give a decorative element. By using plywood shelves and invisible supports for attaching them to the wall, you may elevate your bookshelf and create a floating bookcase.

Contemporary Computer Workstation

Our way of life has steadily changed over the last few years to include more time using computers at home. Therefore, you need to invest in an amazing, top-notch, durable, and attractive desk.

A plywood workstation customized to your requirements will guarantee that it satisfies your daily needs, increases overall comfort, and provides a working atmosphere that is aesthetically beautiful.  To get the most out of your desk, choose 19mm thick plywood.

Multi-use Table

Have you ever seen anything more stunning than a room furnished entirely in wood? Since wood highlights and brings out the best in any space, it should come as no surprise that many interior designers pick furniture made of wood or with a wooden finish.

Keep the design simple and let the plywood’s natural wood markings take center stage. To get this effect, make basic coffee tables, chairs, and charming dining tables out of sturdy, durable plywood sheets and embellish them with wood grain veneers.

Useful Plant Shelf

Any design professional will agree that adding plants to an interior is a great idea. A low-maintenance way to get some fresh air while relaxing on the couch is with indoor plants! You can have a stylish interior piece with the extra bonus of some greenery if you let your favorite plants rest on a plant shelf made of sturdy, moisture-resistant wood.

Wood Nightstand

Imagine getting out of bed in the middle of the night to get a drink of water and then realizing you don’t have a bedside table. You can avoid a lot of difficulty by having hardwood nightstands on both sides of the bed. It can be made in any design, whether it’s a small, rectangular table with lots of drawers for your essentials, a round table with hairpin legs, or even a combination of the two.


Plywood is a multipurpose material that provides strength, durability, and a number of other benefits. One of the largest producers of plywood in India, Trojan Plywood specializes in waterproof plywood that can withstand boiling water.

These factors all contribute to plywood’s current popularity. If you want to renovate your home or place of business, high-quality plywood from Trojan is the perfect material to work with.