In India, home and business owners must select the best quality plywood of the highest caliber. Plywood is a great alternative to wood because it costs less than wood. At Trojan Plywood, we only utilize the best plywood for furniture, flooring, and roofing.

Are you thinking about purchasing plywood sheets?

Here is a guide to help you understand how to recognize the best-quality plywood 

What is Plywood?

Plywood is a well-known and versatile engineered wood-based panel product used in home and construction projects. A composite material known as plywood is created from sheets of wood fiber and resin and sold as panels. On a typical plywood panel, face veneers provide a smoother, higher-quality finish than core veneers. In order to increase resistance to bending forces, the core’s function is to increase the space between the outer layers, which is where the greatest bending stresses are present.
The layers or plys of hardwood veneer used to make plywood panels are bonded together in many layers, with the grain directions of the layers running parallel to one another. These sheets of cross-laminated wood veneer are joined together using an adhesive made of waterproof phenol-formaldehyde resin, which is then heated and compressed to cure.

Plywood from softwood species like Douglas-fir or spruce, pine, and fir is used to make plywood in some areas of India. 4 by 8 feet is the most typical measurement. 12mm is the most frequent thickness. Plywood comes in a variety of grades, from more affordable non-sanded grades to smooth, natural surfaces ideal for finishing work.

How To Identify The Best Quality Plywood?

Step-1: Determine The Area In Which To Use

You must first choose the space or area and the climate in which you’ll be using plywood. For instance,

  • A bedroom, living room, or study room
  • Kitchen or bathroom furnishings
  • The climate in your location, for instance, if you live in a region that encounters rain, boiling waterproof plywood would be the best choice for you.

Step-2: Always Purchase from Large Retailers/ Authorized Dealers

Larger merchants frequently carry enough and better-quality plywood. In accordance with your needs and requirements, they may also direct you toward the best plywood.

Step-3: Check For ISI Marks

For the highest-grade plywood, ISI certification is essential. Commercial or MR-grade plywood is described by IS303, whereas marine or boiling waterproof plywood is described by IS710. Always keep an eye out for the CML number behind the ISI mark. A CML number identifies each plywood manufacturer, which helps in their identification.

Step-4: Check The Plywood’s Exterior

There are several factors you must check to determine the quality of plywood:

  • Verify whether the plywood has a wood veneer on the face. Face veneers made of wood will attach to laminate more readily than remanufactured veneers.

  • Make sure the plywood surface is flat and free of bulges and bends.

  • Verify the thickness of the four plywood corners to make sure there are no differences.

  • Taking a step back and lifting the plywood from one side to weigh it. The density of heavy-weight plywood is usually higher.

  • On the plywood side, look for spaces and overlaps between the core layers.

  • By knocking in the middle, check to see if the plywood is solid and has a consistent sound on all sides.

Step-5: Request A Little Cut Piece Of Plywood

To find out if the plywood is a full-core panel or not, use a little piece of it. This little, thinly-sliced piece demonstrates exactly what kind of core was used to create this plywood. From this small cut piece, you can test the plywood’s ability to support nails.


As a dependable material for furniture manufacturing, plywood is frequently chosen. You should only use the best quality plywood for your project, depending on your needs and intended use. Use only the highest-quality plywood from long-lasting, reputable brands in India.

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