When using plywood for your homes, there are various choices available in the market that come with different price tags. So, are you looking for the best plywood in India but unsure about the types of plywood for your home?

Here’s how you can find the best plywood in India.

What is Plywood?

Plywood is engineered wood composed of thin sheets of veneer or plies. The sheets are bonded at alternating angles to create a cross-grain pattern. This design helps reduce shrinkage and warping of furniture due to humidity or temperature changes.

Plywood can be thought of as a replacement for natural wood. An advantage of using plywood over natural or plain wood is its resistance to cracking, shrinkage, and instability.

What Plywood Thickness Should I Use for Furniture?

You should consider the structural aspects before considering different visual elements for your furniture project. We all want our end product to look great, but that becomes meaningless if it can’t withstand the test of time.

When building furniture, the ideal thickness differs from piece to piece. In addition, if one size works for one design does not imply that it will work for all.

For example, if you’re planning to build a set of drawers, it is best to use a combination of 6mm and 12mm plywood sheets. There can be variations, but these two sizes generally work the best. In contrast, plywood thickness varies from 18mm to 24mm when making a table.

In another example, 12mm sheets of Trojan plywood are widely used in building cabinets as it provides the sturdiness necessary in a cabinet without being too thick and causing a logistical issue during assembling.

Each piece of furniture with a unique shape and function requires different thickness of plywood. Hence, before buying the best plywood in India, keep in mind the shape and function of your furniture.

Tips to Buy the Best Plywood in India for Your Furniture

It might be challenging to select the plywood for your home furniture. Here are some of the tips for picking the high quality plywood in India for your furniture:

  1. BWP grade

BWP grade plywood or boiling waterproof plywood is water-resistant and highly durable plywood, best suited for bathrooms and laundry rooms. Its waterproof nature makes it a popular choice among homeowners concerned about water or moisture damaging their furniture.

Furthermore, Trojan BWP-grade plywood protects furniture from dampness. You will not have to worry about your furniture warping or flexing during the monsoon season.

  • Calibrated Plywood

Trojan uses modern high-end machines to manufacture plywood from calibrated veneers. The plywood is non-undulated due to its equal thickness throughout. As a result, the plywood’s consistent front and back sides make it an excellent choice for building furniture.

  • Termite-Resistant Plywood

Termites are carcinogenic and may wreak havoc on your house and furniture. They will munch on your pricey furniture, and there is nothing you can do unless you buy termite-proof plywood. The cupboard, for example,

houses your clothes and other valuables, so it makes sense to use termite-proof plywood to protect them.

Final Thoughts

Always use a high-quality plywood to build reliable and stylish furniture. There are several furniture designs to pick from, and your carpenter can work miracles with our plywood sheets. So, if you are looking for the premium plywood in India to complete your ideal home, Trojan plywood should be on top of your list.

Trojan offers a diverse selection of high-quality plywood for constructing doors, cupboards, cabinets, chairs, benches or any other furniture that suit your furnishing needs.