Plywood has been used historically for building purposes. The plywood we use today is undoubtedly different than previously used plywood. Manufacturing processes have changed a lot with automation.

With the increasing influence of science and research on plywood, it has become possible to create thin yet strong plywood that is waterproof. Though using plywood as a general-purpose building material is an old method, it is still preferred by carpenters and interior decorators. Using plywood is straightforward and gives effective results.

Improving Plywood Quality

India is a vast country, developing day by day. With the increase in urbanization, there has been an increase in the demand for building materials. Plywood is one of the most in-demand materials; plywood manufacturers in India are in a rush to meet their needs.

Trojan Plywood aims to be the best plywood manufacturer in India. Demand for our plywood boards has increased significantly in South India and some parts of North India. We believe in making the right product for everyone. Many plywood manufacturers in India have their own research facilities to improve the quality of this building material.

Using More Number of Plies

One of the primary ways of improving plywood quality is by increasing the number of plies. This tends to increase the thickness of the plywood, making it stronger and more resistant to burning. Make sure to count the number of plies on your plywood board when you are picking one for your home.

Superior Wood Quality

Another method to improve plywood quality is to use superior wood for making plywood boards. Manufacturers tend to locate their manufacturing facilities close to regions where good quality timber is available. Plywood manufacturers in & around Mangalore like Trojan Plywoodare known for producing superior quality plywood boards. Timber like Gurjan, Eucalyptus & Poplar are preferred by plywood manufacturers in India. Trojan Plywood uses superior quality Eucalyptus & Gurjan species to manufacturing its various range of plywood.

Better Finishing

Providing a better finish on the product becomes essential for any industry, which is valid for plywood manufacturers. A superior finish on the plywood makes it look good and enhances its quality by making it resistant to water, termites, or bores. Nowadays, there are different kinds of coated plywoods available in the market. Some are termite-resistant, some tend to resist fire, while others are not affected by water.

Why use Trojan Plywood?

Trojan Plywood has emerged as one of the leading plywood manufacturers in India. We at Trojan focus on quality and customer satisfaction. We aim to provide high-quality plywood boards that are safe and true to their cost.

Every Trojan plywood is tested for quality. This is why we are confident in our lifetime warranty on plywood boards. We take full responsibility for our products and never fail to replace them in case of any quality issue. We also strive to be eco-friendly in our business. Therefore, we give back to nature by creating eco-friendly plywood boards.