Plywood has historically been a preferred material for building projects. However, because of advancements in production techniques and automation, the plywood used today has seen major changes compared to its older forms. Plywood Manufacturer can now produce plywood that is surprisingly thin but also remarkably sturdy and waterproof because of the integration of science and research into the manufacturing process.

Although plywood has an extensive history of usage as a versatile building material, carpenters and interior decorators still favor it because of its ease of use and successful outcomes.

Improving Plywood Quality

India is still rapidly urbanizing, which has resulted in a rise in demand for building supplies, particularly plywood. Plywood manufacturers in India are working hard to satisfy this demand by emphasizing product quality.

In various parts of South and North India, the demand for Trojan Plywood’s plywood boards has significantly increased as it strives to become the nation’s top plywood supplier. Trojan Plywood, which is dedicated to meeting the needs of a wide range of customers, invests in research facilities to continuously improve the quality of this essential building material.

Using More Number of Plies

Adding more plies to plywood is one efficient way to improve its quality. The plywood gains thickness in addition to increasing its strength and fire resistance. To ensure the durability and reliability of the plywood you choose for your home, it is important to count the number of plies on the board.

Superior Wood Quality

Using higher-quality wood to make the plywood boards is another way to increase the quality of the plywood. Manufacturers frequently place their production facilities close to areas with access to high-quality timber. Plywood manufacturer in & around Mangalore like Trojan Plywood are known for producing superior-quality plywood boards. Timber like Gurjan, Eucalyptus, and poplar are preferred by plywood manufacturers in India. Trojan Plywood uses superior quality Eucalyptus & Gurjan species to manufacture its various range of plywood.

Better Finishing

For any sector, including plywood manufacturers, providing a better finish on the product becomes crucial. The plywood looks excellent and has better quality thanks to a superior polish that makes it resistant to water, termites, and bores. There are numerous varieties of coated plywood available in the market. Some are termite-resistant, some tend to resist fire, while others are not affected by water.

Why use Trojan Plywood?

With a focus on quality and client satisfaction, Trojan Plywood has become one of India’s leading plywood manufacturer. Our main goal is to provide trustworthy, cost-efficient plywood boards of excellent quality.

Every Trojan plywood is tested for quality to guarantee premium quality. We provide a lifetime warranty on our plywood boards since we are so sure that they will last a long time. In the unlikely event that there is a quality problem, we accept full responsibility and replace the affected products right away. Additionally, we are dedicated to eco-friendly procedures and promote the health of nature by creating environmentally friendly plywood boards.

By choosing Trojan Plywood, you can trust that you are investing in the finest plywood available, backed by our commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, and environmental responsibility.