The Gurjan plywood price can vary depending on a number of factors such as thickness, size, grade and supplier. On an average, the price of Gurjan plywood is generally lower compared to other types of plywood like BWR and BWP grade plywood. The prices can vary based on the thickness of the plywood, with thicker sheets costing more.

Plywood is famous for its versatile usages such as offices, homes, furniture, and constructions. As a result, we have the greatest selection of plywood brands that specialists most trust in this industry.

Standard bodies like the Indian Standard Organization (ISO), the Indian Standards Bureau (BIS), and the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series evaluate and approve this plywood.

This article will look at Gurjan Plywood and India’s best Gurjan plywood brands.

What is Gurjan Plywood?

Though “plywood” has become more general in recent years, plywood comes in various grades based on its size, thickness, use, number of plies, and so on. In addition, plywood is categorized according to the type of wood (tree) used in its manufactures, such as Gurjan Plywood, Teak Plywood, and others.

Gurjan Plywood is created from the wood of Gurjan trees, which are plentiful in most South East Asian nations. Gurjan tree is a hardwood species that possesses impressive strength and high quality. The hardwood harvested from these trees is engineered into Gurjan plywood sheets, which we utilize for interior and other commercial applications.

What is a 100% Authentic Gurjan Plywood?

It is constructed using sheets of wood (veneers) sourced from Gurjan trees. The veneers are then stacked and resin-bonded together.

Some manufacturers make plywood with Gurjan Plywood as the front and back layers and lesser grade plywood as the core. At first appearance, identifying this misconduct is difficult because all plywood are constructed identically by connecting numerous layers of plies. However, this is not genuine Gurjan Plywood.

Only if all the layers, including the core, front, and back, are constructed of Gurjan hardwood can it be labeled real 100 percent Gurjan plywood.

Gurjan Plywood is an imported Plywood in India that is not always readily available. It is also significantly more expensive than other types. If you come across cheaper plywood with the Gurjan plywood brand, be wary and get it checked out by a plywood specialist or a manufacturer right away. It is most likely a fraudulent transaction.

What Are the Benefits of Gurjan Plywood?

Gurjan plywood is used to make furniture for both the home and the office. Plywood is available in various sizes to satisfy all the standards. Not only can Gurjan plywood improve the ambiance of your home or business facilities, but it also bestows your space with a slew of unrivaled benefits. It’s durable, and many homeowners worldwide select Gurjan plywood for creating doors and windows. In addition, Gurjan, like conventional solid wood, does not shrink or expand over time.

Gurjan Plywood Price

Due to transportation costs and varied tax schemes, Gurjan plywood prices vary slightly across state lines. Furthermore, plywood costs vary according to quality and thickness. More durable and thicker plywood boards are significantly more expensive than normal plywood. Genuine Gurjan Plywood is more expensive than the standard category. All of these elements have a considerable impact on the price of your plywood.

The most basic Gurjan Plywood costs approximately 40–60 rupees per square foot for 16 mm thickness. 100% Authentic Gurjan Plywood prices can be anywhere in the ballpark of 110 to 150 rupees per square foot.

Best Gurjan Plywood Brands In India

Trojan Plywood is one of India’s most famous brands, producing high-quality Gurjan plywood. Interior designers and architects prefer Trojan’s goods and are supported by specialists worldwide. Trojan Plywood is manufactured using cutting-edge technology and the highest-quality raw materials. Furthermore, Trojan’s goods are quality certified. Trojan Gurjan Plywood is the sort of plywood sheet you need for your home if you want sturdy and long-lasting world-class plywood.

Final Words

Gurjan plywood is a common choice as a dependable construction material for furniture. Depending on your demands and intended use, you should select the appropriate type of plywood. Always use high-quality plywood that will last a long time.

Trojan Plywood is highly recommended for all of your plywood needs. Choose from many items Trojan Plywood offers for the best and most fashionable furniture that meets your taste.