Commercial plywood is often called MR grade plywood because of its moisture resistance. High tensile strength makes it robust and flexible. MR grade plywood has high wear and tear resistance and can make strong building materials.

This plywood is relatively pocket-friendly or affordable despite its durability and utility. As a result, It is often widely used in the plywood sector. Because of its durability and utility, home owners, commercial builders and architects often employ them to achieve desired interiors.

What Exactly Is Commercial Plywood?

There are several grades of plywood. It is the typical plywood available at every hardware shop when you ask for plywood. It is often low-cost because it is made from veneers or slices of wood called ply that are glued or bonded together under high pressure.

It is created from several types of veneers popular in a specific geographical region. For example, commercial plywood composed of rubber veneers is available in the south, whereas eucalyptus veneers are available elsewhere.

In commercial plywood manufacturing, there is a type known as alternate commercial plywood. This plywood is made from two different types of veneer. Fir and Eucalyptus veneers, for example, or we can use any other similar combination to manufacture this plywood.

Commercial Plywood Manufacturing

It is generally created by gluing together numerous veneer sheets. The veneer sheets are made from wood logs taken from several tree species. Every commercial plywood is created from a specific species of veneer. The veneer species varies according to geographical regions.

It is created from many veneer species, but the essential qualities of this plywood remain the same – the manufacturing technique or treatment and adhesive used to bond veneers. Urea formaldehyde is commonly used as an adhesive to bond veneers.

Alternative Commercial Plywood

It is now created from two distinct veneer species, thanks to technological advances and consumer desire for variety. Alternate it is what it’s called. Two species of veneer, Popular, and Eucalyptus, are alternately employed to create plywood.

There isn’t much difference between commercial plywood and Alternate plywood. However, Alternate it is labeled as premium grade plywood.

Uses Of Commercial Plywood

It is most often used for interior applications, mostly in commercial establishments and offices. In addition, It is favored in dry places like living rooms, study rooms, and offices. It is typically used to construct furniture, wall paneling, and partitioning, among other things. However, in situations where water contact is likely, and especially in Indian conditions there is a growing trend to use BWP plywood for home interiors.



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