Wood veneers are put together in layers to create plywood, a manufactured board. Then, under extreme pressure and heat, these plies are fused together. The perpendicular alignment of the wood grains in the alternating layers increases durability and strength. The most often used grades of plywood are commercial grade and water-resistant grade.

This piece will look at the best waterproof plywood in India, the features and benefits of the best waterproof plywood in India, and where we can use them.

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Best Waterproof Plywood In India

Water-resistant plywood is recommended for making furniture and cabinets that is regularly exposed to water. The bonding medium, which is frequently a synthetic plastic resin resistant to water, is responsible for the material’s water-resistant feature. It is preferred in areas of the home where there is a higher chance of prolonged contact with water, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Planks of plywood in sizes of 4′ x 8′ or 3′ x 7′, as well as variations of these proportions, are commonly on hand. The available thicknesses range from 3 to 25 mm. Plywood boards with pre-veneered or pre-laminated surfaces speed up finishing. However, in such pre-finished ply boards, only particular veneer or laminate treatments are available. For a wider selection of colors and finishes, choose the laminate or veneer separately and have it pasted on the ply by the carpenter.

Features and Benefits of Best Waterproof Plywood In India

  • When it comes to strength and durability, plywood is unmatched. It is used in the manufacture of premium cabinets and furnishings.

  • The core, front, and back sides of the board can be made of different materials because it is constructed from wood veneers layered on top of one another.

  • The numerous layers will be highlighted by cutting the board in half.

  • The board is dimensionally stable due to the cross-grain structure and alternating layers of plies within it.

  • Plywood easily handles screws and has a great screw-holding capacity.

  • It is resistant to mold, fungi, and borer damage.

  • Placing veneers on the plywood’s surface will give the furniture a natural wood finish. It can also be laminated.

  • Edge banding tape, membrane, or wooden beading must be used to seal the plywood’s cut external edges if you want your shutters and boxes to last longer.

  • Similar to MDF, plywood cannot be cut or molded into a variety of shapes since its core is not homogeneous.

  • MDF is more expensive than plywood, but less costly than solid wood.

  • Kitchens, utility rooms, and bathrooms frequently have plywood that is water-resistant.

  • The Boiling Water Proof Grade plywood standard number under Indian Standards is IS:710.

Where Can You Use the Best Waterproof Plywood In India in Your Home?

Waterproof Plywood is ideal for use in furniture, ceilings, flooring, and interior elements like kitchens and bathrooms. Depending on your demands and theme for décor, it can be finished in a variety of methods, including laminate, veneer, or paint. You can use plywood as a building material for partition walls, flush doors, and shuttering.

Best Waterproof Plywood Brands in India

  • Green Ply.
  • Austin Plywood.
  • National Ply.
    Trojan Ply.
    Duro Ply.
  • Kajaria Ply.
  • Merino Ply.
  • Prestige Ply.
  • Saburi Ply.
    Century Ply.


As a dependable material for furniture manufacturing, plywood is frequently chosen. It is advised that you choose the best waterproof plywood available in India based on your needs and intended application. Always use the best Boiling Waterproof plywood from credible and trusted brands in India that will last a long time and one such brand that you can rely upon is Trojan Plywood.

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