Plywood is an engineered board made of layers of wood veneers. These plies are then bonded together under high pressure and temperature. The wood grains of the alternating layers are perpendicular to one other, which adds strength and longevity. Commercial grade and water-resistant grade plywood are the most regularly used grades.

This piece will look at the best waterproof plywood in India, the features and benefits of the best waterproof plywood in India, and where we can use them.

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What is Best Waterproof Plywood In India?

Water-resistant plywood is recommended for making furniture and cabinets that is regularly exposed to water. The water-resistant property is due to the bonding medium, which is often a synthetic plastic resin impervious to water. It is preferred in home interiors such as kitchens and bathrooms where there is a greater risk of extended contact with water.

Plywood is frequently available in 4′ x 8′ or 3′ x 7′ planks and permutations of these sizes. The thicknesses offered vary from 3 to 25 mm. Pre-veneered or pre-laminated plywood boards help to save finishing time. However, only specific veneer or laminate finishes are accessible in such pre-finished ply boards. Choose the laminate or veneer separately and have it pasted on the ply by the carpenter for a broader range of colors and finishes.

Features and Benefits of Best Waterproof Plywood In India

  • There is no substitute for plywood when it comes to durability and strength. It is utilized in the manufacture of high-end furniture and cabinets.
  • Because it is made of wood veneers placed on top of each other, the board’s core, front, and rear sides can be made of different materials.
  • A cross-section of the board will highlight the many layers.
  • Because of the alternating layers of plies and cross-grain structure within the board, it is dimensionally stable.
  • Plywood has a strong screw holding strength and easily holds screws.
  • It is borer resistant, as well as fungal and mold resistant.
  • You may achieve a natural wood finish on the furniture by putting veneers on the surface of the plywood. It can also be laminated.
  • To strengthen the longevity of shutters and boxes, you must seal the cut exterior edges of the plywood with edge banding tape, membrane, or wooden beading.
  • Because the core of plywood is not homogeneous, it cannot be cut or molded into varied forms like MDF.
  • Plywood costs more than MDF but less than solid wood.
  • Water-resistant plywood is commonly seen in kitchens, utility rooms, and bathrooms.
  • IS:710 is the Indian Standards standard number for Boiling Water Proof Grade plywood.

Where Can You Use the Best Waterproof Plywood In India in Your Home?

Waterproof ply is perfect for usage in interior elements such as kitchens and bathrooms, as well as furniture, ceilings, and flooring. It may be completed in various ways, including laminate, veneer, or paint, depending on your décor needs and theme. Plywood is also a building material that you may use for shuttering, flush doors, and partition walls.


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