The kitchen is the most crucial element of every home. As innovation continues, fresh and better options are entering the market. For example, people have shifted to modular kitchens in their homes for an organized design that allows you to store more in your kitchen while maintaining modern & contemporary beauty. To keep that Modular Kitchen style, choose high-quality plywood that will last a long time.

The kitchen area is exposed to a lot of water and moisture regularly. As a result, merely choosing solid wood for cupboards and other kitchen areas would be ineffective. Every homeowner’s first choice, Trojan’s boiling waterproof plywood, is ideal for the kitchen and home interior due to its outstanding strength and performance in Indian conditions.

With that, let’s start with our waterproof plywood buyer’s guide.

Different Types Of Waterproof Plywood For Kitchen

There are three types of Waterproof Plywood:

  1. Moisture Resistant (MR) Plywood

Moisture-resistant plywood, also called MR plywood is made using urea-formaldehyde glue by joining wood veneers along and across the grain and hot pressing them at a predetermined temperature and pressure. MR plywood is often employed in dry environments or indoor applications where there is no threat of water or moisture.

  • Boiling Waterproof Plywood (BWP Plywood) – Highly recommended

Waterproof plywood is made by gluing plies of veneers along and across the grain with phenol-formaldehyde. This is also known as marine plywood since we may use it in humid and dry regions. The chemical treatment gives marine plywood a greenish appearance.

The Bureau of Indian Standards demands an anti-termite chemical up to 10 KG per cubic meter of plywood to be certified as Marine Plywood. However, most manufacturers do not go through this due to the higher costs and time-consuming processes and fail when tested. Another flaw is that a thinner face veneer on the surface of water-resistant marine plywood violates the Bureau of Indian Standards. Trojan BWP plywood strictly adheres to BWP standards set by BIS t ensure that you get 100% genuine BWP plywood.

Waterproof Plywood Buying Guide

  • It’s recommended first to choose the type most suits your needs. Is it a piece of furniture, a boat, or a component of the house’s construction? Ask yourself these questions, and then select the best option.
  • Next, determine the number of sheets required for your project. Depending on the quantity required, you can choose between purchasing a few sheets and purchasing everything needed in bulk. Getting a bit more than you require is advisable to avoid mistakes.
  • Finally, ensure that the surface of the board is of uniform thickness, preferably calibrated. This is a long-term investment, so you should be sure that you make the best decision possible, even if it costs a lot more.


Plywood is a common choice as a dependable construction material for furniture. It is recommended that you select the best waterproof plywood depending on your demands and intended use. Always use trusted & credible Boiling waterproof plywood brands in India that will last a long time.

Trojan Plywood is highly recommended for all of your plywood needs. Choose from a wide range of products Trojan Plywood offers for the best and most fashionable furniture that meets your requirements.

Trojan plywood recommends its range of Boiling waterproof plywood for all your home interior needs.