Why Trojan?

Wide Product Range

We have a wide range of products to meet the requirements of the building construction and wood working industry, some of which are listed below:

  • MR & BWR Grade Plywood: IS:303-1989
  • Flexible Plywood
  • Film Faced Shuttering Plywood: IS:4990-1993
  • Decorative Plywood: IS 1328-1996
  • Flush Door: IS 2202 (Part -1.1999)
  • BWP Grade Marine Plywood: IS: 710-2010
  • MR & BWP Grade Block Board:IS 1659-2004
  • Fire Retardant Plywood: IS: 5509:2000

MR Grade Plywood: IS 303-1989

Our plywood variants are manufactured using specially made melamine. This plywood is moisture/water resistant and has anti warping qualities.

BWR Grade Plywood: IS 303-1989

This category of plywood is manufactured by bonding hardwood cores together using high quality phenol formaldehyde resins with pre-press technology. This plywood is highly resistant to boiling water and moisture. It has good thermal resistance and is stable in all weather conditions. Trojan BWR grade is widely used for kitchen cabinets, wall paneling, furniture, hoardings, exterior and semi-exterior works.

BWR Grade Marine Plywood: IS 710-2010

Our Boiling Water Proof Plywood range is of a special quality. All the hardwood cores are glued together with special quality phenol resins. Innovative preservations are used in the vacuum impregnation technique (VPT) to thwart attacks by all types of micro organisms and extremely severe weather conditions.

Flexi Plywood

Trojan Flexi, as the name suggests is a highly flexible plywood. Our unique processing techniques give it extra strength and elasticity with which it can form acute curves and cylindrical shapes. It can be easily bent with hands and is perfect for making furniture and interior design elements that involves intricate curves. One does not need any special equipment to bend, fabricate or laminate our flexi range of plywoods. These variants are also treated with special chemicals to make it termite and borer proof.

Film Faced Shuttering Plywood: IS 4990-1993

Our Film coated shuttering plywood is made using special quality imported film for its surface layers. All the cores are 100% glued and extra toughness is imported during the plywood manufacturing process. It has a very smooth surface and its toughness facilitates concrete shuttering work and is also resistant to water and cement mixture.

Decorative Plywood: IS 1328-1996

Our variant of Decorative Plywoods, are made from exotic wood veneers that are sourced from different parts of the world. Our decorative range of plywood is available in a wide range of designs, colors and shades. Its surface has a superior finish and its 100% hardwood core is chemically treated to withstand borer and termites. Commonly used for all types of fancy interior paneling works and for other aesthetically important areas in residences, railway coaches, luxury buses and cruises.

Flush Doors: IS 2202 (Part-1, 1999)

Our products are made from selected timber species. Our variant of flush doors are machined with precision to give it a uniform thickness. It is also treated with vacuum pressure and then kiln dried to ensure perfect bonding and dimensional stability. High quality phenol formaldehyde resins are used to get the desired boiled water resistant quality.

Block Boards – MR and BWP Grades: IS 1659-2004 Our range of Block Boards are made out of selected species of timbers, which are treated with VPT (Vacuum impregnation technique) to prevent attacks from insects and fungus. The timber battens are machined for high dimensional accuracy. This helps in better bonding between the veneer layers. The salient feature of these block boards are high surface straightness, dimensional stability, better hardware surface and greater resistance to weather. These block boards are usually used in cabinets, furniture door partitions, shelves and for various other interior and exterior applications.

Fire Retardant Plywood: IS 5509-2000 Our unique variant of plywood is the result of our R&D team’s persistence and dedication. This is probably the best and the most cost effective Fire Retardant Plywood available in the market. An imported chemical compound is used in the adhesive which gives its core that extra fire fighting ability. Our range of fire retardant Plywood is used for various interior and exterior applications that have greater resistance to higher temperature and fire. Apart from regular uses in partitions, paneling, kitchen and office reflected ceilings; it can also be used for automobile body construction, exhibition stalls, boiler houses, auditoriums etc.