Why Trojan?

Core Protection Technology

Our technology to assure you of termite and borer proof plywood

Trojan and its brand variants are manufactured by MAK Plywood Industries Pvt. Ltd.. one of south India’s Leading timber trading and manufacturing houses. Our state of the art facilities in Coimbatore and Mangalore are the result of our quest for perfection and have also helped us in gaining the distinctive advantage of being an ISO certified company.

Trojan exemplifies how technology, quality, aesthetics & customer needs blend together to form a product. This has made Trojan a favourite with many reputed builders and architects. Trojan is available for various applications, be it for household or office interiors, furniture manufacturing, wall paneling, partitions etc.

  • A - Selected Timber Species
  • B - Glue line Treatment
  • C - Pre Press Technology

A - Selected Timber Species

Our plywood, is manufactured by selecting fully grown species of Redgum and Gurjan logs. These species by Nature,possessgreat resistance towards termites and borer once fully matured. We carefully source such fully grown timber as raw material to initiate the process of manufacturing plywood.

B - Glue Line Treatment

Our process while manufacturing plywood, involves treating each layer of the ply selectively obtained, with our resin specially formulated with anti termite and anti borer formula being evenly applied to hold all the selected layers of the ply together. Our active and unique formula used in manufacturing in the resin ensures an additional shield against termites and borers.

C - Pre Press Technology

The veneers treated with our specially formulated active resin are pressed together under weight which further ensures deeper penetration of the applied resin among all the pores of the plywood. This branched out process involved in manufacturing of our plywood is the definitive aspect of ensuring that all of Trojan brands are termite and borer proof. This intense three tier level of treatment completes Trojan’s core protection technology.